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About Rocky

About Rocky Reynebeau
Real estate excellence since 1975

Selecting a Realtor is a big decision. You need to know how they do their business and should know a bit about them.  Rocky's biography:

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  • Favorite Sayings

  • Eight different ways to pronounce Reynebeau


Reynebeau - Rye' - na bow n 1. a hard-working  professional Realtor. 2. dedicated to service and getting results.  3. straight forward, knowledgeable, high integrity.  4. sets high standards for his life and business. 5. Loving husband, father and grandpa.

Little Chute is a small town in Northeastern Wisconsin which is part of the thriving paper-producing area known as "Paper Valley."  You may not know Little Chute but  you'll recognize the products that are produced there by Kimberly Clark, Neenah Paper, Wisconsin Tissue and Menasha Paper.  Quality products produced by honest and hard-working people.
As a child growing up in Little Chute, I remember how people would refer to my father as a businessman.  I wasn't exactly sure what it meant back then, but I knew it had something to do with doing things for other people.  My dad was successful both at life and at business.
My father is gone now. . . but the values he taught me about integrity, service, honesty, pride and family are deeply rooted in my belief system.  I've always considered myself fortunate to have grown up in Little Chute and to have had the parents and sisters I have.
Now I'm a businessman . . .  and like dad I take my business pretty seriously.  Always remembering that my principle purpose is to serve my clients.  Their real estate needs reflect their hopes and dreams and sometimes their problems.  Like my father I believe that my clients deserve the very best I have to offer.

Personality Profile

  • DESCRIPTION:  Business type.  Usually seen listing and selling real estate.  A little short and a little chunky.  Silver hair.  Loves his "Ecky" and has a weakness for his children, grandchildren and grandpuppies.

  • BIRTHPLACE:  Little Chute, Wisconsin

  • FIRST JOB:  Soda clerk in his father's "Sweet Shop" for 10 cents an hour.

  • OTHER JOBS:  Paperboy, sold water to construction workers, cut lawns, bar tender, construction, landscaping and sales rep for a clothing line.

  • MILITARY SERVICE:  Army Security Agency - Ft. Leonardwood, MO, Ft. Benning, GA and Bad Aibling, Germany.

  • FIRST REAL JOB: Oshkosh B'gosh

  • WORK ETHIC:  Deliberate, honest and straight-forward.  Puts in long hours doing what he loves to do - sell real estate.

  • PROFESSIONAL: Colorado real estate license in 1975.  Van Schaack 1975-1983, Re/Max 1983-1995, Metro Brokers 1995 to present.

  • ACHIEVEMENTS: Not big on talking about that stuff.
  • FAMILY:  Married to the love of his life, Sandee "Ecky" Uecke, in 1970.

  • CHILDREN:  Pride of his life Jason and Jennifer.
  • Grandkids:  Trevor, Reagan and Carter.
  • Grandpuppies:  Lulu, Wiley and Liberty
  • LOVES:  Family, friends, Colorado, "cheeseheads", Wisconsin cottage, selling real estate, hiking, cycling, photography, his clients and their children, his tools, garage and "shed", Europe, extreme winter weather conditions and life.

  • LIKES:  Woodworking, water, travel, fishing, birds, skiing (past), scuba diving (past), his golf foursome, boating, snowmobiling (past),  mall pretzels and all things Mexican.

  • DISLIKES:  Hypocrites, being late, incompetency and high winds.

  • TRAVEL SPOTS:  Mazatlan, Wisconsin cottage, Utah, USA road trips, cruises, China and Europe.

  • EGO TRIPS:  Family and his real estate business.


Some of Rocky's Favorite Sayings -

"Ecky"" - She was new to our ski group and when she walked in the door of that old farm house in northern Wisconsin I knew immediately I was going to marry her.  Her name was Sandee Uecke and everyone called her "Uecke."  The first time I wrote her name I spelled it "Ecky" and I've never changed it.  She is the real passion in my life - my family is everything to me!.

"We love our clients and they love us" - Reggie White, defensive end for the Green Bay Packers talked about the special relationship between the fans and players in Green Bay.  He said, "they love us and we love them."  That is how we feel about our clients.

"The only day you can control location of your home is the day you buy it - after that you're stuck with it!" - You can change paint, carpet, kitchens, baths and sometimes even room configurations - you can never change location.

"The market controls value but you control saleability" - The dynamics of a magnificent real estate marketplace sorts out value. . . HOWEVER, sellers can control saleability by good property preparation, great staging, accessibility, appropriate pricing strategy and by quickly adjusting for objections.

"I love the real estate business!" - Real estate has been a very good profession for me and provides very nicely for my family.

"Adult information to help make adult decisions" - Real estate is adult stuff and certainly no game.  Our job is to provide that adult information.

Eight Different Ways to Pronounce Reynebeau

  • Rain-bow - Wrong!
  • Rib-a-nib-a-no - Wrong!
  • Rob-ba-no - Wrong!
  • Rein-a-bo - Wrong!
  • Rey-na-be - Wrong!
  • Rye-na-bow - Right!
  • Ren-a-baugh - Wrong!
  • Rey-na-bu - Wrong!
  • Rey-na-bean - Wrong!


Contact Rocky - rlestrocky@aol.com






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